EliGene® Viral DNA/RNA Isolation Kit

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EliGene. Viral RNA/DNA FAST Isolation Kit is intended for fast isolation (in 15 minutes) of viral RNA and DNA (nucleic acids - NA) from buccal swabs, sputum, saliva and urine utilizing our special inhibitor removal technology. The isolation kit is intended for use with clinical samples containing low amount of nucleic acids. The isolated nucleic acid shows high purity suitable for successful RT-PCR amplification of viral RNA and DNA present in clinical specimens.

The principle of isolation kit is based on lysis of viral particles by the detergent. In the presence of chaotropic agent nucleic acids are bound onto spin filter, washed and eluted in TRIS-HCI buffer without EDTA. Nucleic acids are ready to use for RT-PCR, RT-qPCR and other downstream applications.


Lysis Buffer Stock Solution: 22 ml + add Solution M

Wash Buffer 1: 53 ml

Wash Buffer 2: 40 ml + add 13 ml of 96% ethanol*

Elution Buffer: 6 ml

Solution M: 110 microliters

Spin Filters (Units in 2 ml Collection Tubes): 100 pcs

2 ml Collection Tubes without lids: 200 pcs


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