Filter-Tips, 1000 µl, wide-bore (1024)

Brand origin : Germany
Expiry time : On demand
Delivery time : 2 Week/s
Delivery cost : On demand
Unit size : 1024
Order number : 990452

For automating and streamlining library template preparation 

  • Significant reduction of hands-on time and increased reproducibility.
  • Scalable preparation of between 1 and 4 library sequencing template pools in parallel.
  • Intuitive touchscreen guiding you through set-up.
  • Built on the success of the QIAcube platform.
  • Proven performance with the GeneReader NGS System.

The GeneRead QIAcube provides affordable automation for the clonal amplification step of next-generation sequencing template preparation. With a small footprint and intuitive user interface, the GeneRead QIAcube reduces hands-on time to less than 40 minutes and enables simultaneous preparation of multiple library pools. 


Disposable Filter-Tips, wide-bore, racked; (8 x 128); not required for all protocols. For use with the QIAcube and QIAcube Connect.


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