Invitrogen™ Zymosan A S. cerevisiae BioParticles™, fluorescein conjugate

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Invitrogen™ Zymosan A S. cerevisiae BioParticles™, fluorescein conjugate

The Molecular Probes® BioParticles® product line consists of a series of fluorescently labeled, heat- or chemically killed bacteria and yeast in a variety of sizes, shapes, and natural antigenicities. These fluorescent BioParticles® products have been employed to study phagocytosis by fluorescence microscopy, quantitative spectrofluorometry, and flow cytometry. We offer E. coli (K-12 strain), S. aureus (Wood strain, without protein A) and zymosan (S. cerevisiae) BioParticles® conjugates covalently labeled with a variety of different fluorophores (special care has been taken to remove free dye after conjugation). Unlike the fluorescence of fluorescein-labeled BioParticles® conjugates, which is partially quenched in acidic environments, the fluorescence of the Alexa Fluor®, BODIPY® FL, tetramethylrhodamine and Texas Red™ dye conjugates is uniformly intense over the pH range from 3 to 10.


  • Label (Ex/Em): Fluorescein (∼494/518 nm)
  • Particle: Zymosan (S. cerevisiae)
  • For Use With (Equipment): Fluorescence Microscope

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