QIAamp Viral RNA Mini Accessory Set

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QIAamp Viral RNA Mini Accessory Set


Additional Buffer AVL, Buffer AVE and Carrier RNA for use with at least 11 x QIAamp Viral RNA Mini Kits (50), or 5 x QIAamp Viral RNA Mini Kits (250), on the QIAcube.


QIAamp Viral RNA Kits:

For viral RNA isolation from cell-free body fluids.

QIAamp Viral RNA Kits simplify viral RNA purification from cell-free body fluids with fast spin-column, vacuum and plate centrifugation procedures. Viral RNA binds specifically to the QIAamp silica membrane, and pure viral RNA is eluted in either water or a buffer provided with the kit. Purification can be fully automated on the QIAcube Connect using the QIAamp Viral RNA Mini Kit or dedicated QIAamp Viral RNA Mini QIAcube Kit. Various options for automation of the QIAamp 96 Viral Kit on instruments including the QIAcube HT, the Fluent 780 from Tecan or the epMotion 5075V from Eppendorf support high to ultra-high throughput processing with minimal hands-on time.


QIAamp Viral RNA Mini and QIAamp 96 Viral RNA standard protocols can also be executed using the TRACKMAN Connected system, paired with PIPETMAN M Connected pipettes, both from Gilson. The TRACKMAN Connected system guides researchers through QIAamp Viral RNA Mini or QIAamp 96 Viral RNA protocols while automatically adjusting the Bluetooth-enabled PIPETMAN M Connected pipette settings. Each step of the protocol execution is recorded to accelerate reporting by generating a comprehensive run report



  • Rapid isolation of high-quality, ready-to-use RNA
  • No organic extraction or alcohol precipitation
  • Complete removal of contaminants and inhibitors
  • RNA isolation from viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2, up to 96-well format
  • Automated purification from low to ultra-high throughput format



  • Buffer AVL 2 x 31 ml 
  • Buffer AVE 20 x 2 ml 
  • Carrier RNA 310 μg 

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