If molecular technology is part of your everyday life, then LaboShop is just what you’ve been waiting for!. LaboShop is your go-to platform in MENA for everything related to molecular biology including tech products, premium services and news. Our online presence is backed by on-ground offices that strategically cover MENA with a headquarter in Dubai, the tech CenterPoint of the region. We aim to transform the traditional ways of supplying laboratories with molecular innovations and techniques. The thing we believe will be the stepping stone for the region to transition from 'traditional medicine' to 'precision medicine’.

Our Purpose
To overcome logistical constraints in the supply cycle and provide comprehensive solutions for the modern molecular field through the best tech, consultations, training and tests.

Helping technicians take the right purchasing decisions every step of the way With LaboShop, they can choose the right products for the right applications to get it at the right time by spending the right budget based on feedback from the right sources.


Accelerating the transformation of MENA into a premium hub for molecular biology technologies

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