CytoVista™ Permeabilization Buffer

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CytoVista™ Permeabilization Buffer

CytoVista Permeabilization Buffer is used while performing immunohistochemistry (IHC) or immuno-labeling with tissue. This buffer is highly recommended for larger, more collagenous, and difficult-to-clear tissues (e.g., liver tissue, archived (FFPE) tissue). It helps reagents penetrate thick tissue, helping enable sharp and bright images at any tissue depth when used with other CytoVista products


  • Rapid clearing of fluorescently labeled tissue for 3D imaging
  • Minimal shrinkage, expansion, or other morphological changes to tissue
  • Simple workflow does not require any special instruments or equipment and is easily adapted to IHC
  • Compatible with most fluorophores, including dyes and fluorescent proteins

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