Eppendorf Filter Tips (Dualfilter-Forensic DNA Grade), 2 – 20 µL

Brand origin : Germany
Expiry time : On demand
Delivery time : 2 Week/s
Delivery cost : On demand
Unit size : 960 tips
Order number : 0030077776

ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S.®, Forensic DNA Grade, 2 – 20 µL, 960 tips (10 racks × 96 tips)


ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S. filter tips are filter tips with a two-phase filter for contamination protection. The two filter layers made of flexible, hydrophobic material, fit perfectly in the tip cone and retain practically 100 % of all aerosols1) and biomolecules. This filtering effect is achieved using various, well-defined pore sizes. The layer facing the sample provides protection from drops, splashes and aerosols. The layer facing the pipette cone functions as a second barrier from contamination, and dependably binds biomolecules. A defined air passage rate ensures full sample recovery and the customary quick pipetting.


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