EZ1 Virus Mini Kit v2.0 (48)

Brand origin : Germany
Expiry time : On demand
Delivery time : 2 Week/s
Delivery cost : On demand
Unit size : 48 preps
Order number : 955134

For automated purification of viral nucleic acids from 1–6 or 1–14 samples per run


  • Simultaneous purification of viral DNA and RNA.
  • Higher analytical sensitivity, even with low viral titers.
  • Highly reproducible results.
  • Linear yields from a wide range of viral titers.
  • Prefilled, sealed reagent cartridges for easy handling.


The EZ1 Virus Mini Kit v2.0 provides a fully automated procedure for simultaneous purification of viral DNA and RNA from serum, plasma, CSF, urine, respiratory samples, and other cell-free body fluids for sensitive analytical detection in downstream assays. The kit provides optimized binding conditions for more robust and reproducible capture of nucleic acids, and improved wash conditions for higher analytical sensitivity in downstream assays. The kit can be used with the EZ1 Advanced XL (1–14 samples per run), the EZ1 Advanced (1–6 samples per run), and the BioRobot EZ1 (1–6 samples per run).



For 48 preps:

  • Reagent Cartridges (Virus Mini v2.0)
  • Disposable Filter-Tips
  • Disposable Tip-Holders
  • Sample Tubes (2 ml)
  • Elution Tubes (1.5 ml)
  • Buffer AVE
  • Carrier RNA.

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