Invitrogen Human cMET ProQuantum Immunoassay Kit, 96 Tests

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Invitrogen Human cMET ProQuantum Immunoassay Kit, 96 Tests

The ProQuantum Human cMET Immunoassay Kit is designed to provide quantitative measurements of human cMET in small sample volumes. Utilizing proximity-based amplification technology, the assay combines the analyte specificity of high-affinity antibody-antigen binding with the signal detection and amplification capabilities of real-time PCR to achieve a simple yet powerful next-generation protein quantitation platform. A user-friendly workflow combined with intuitive software for analytics enables sample-to-answer in just 2 hours.

ProQuantum immunoassays utilize a matched pair of target-specific antibodies, each conjugated to a DNA oligonucleotide. During antibody-analyte binding, the two DNA oligos are brought into close proximity, which allows for ligation of the two strands and subsequent creation of a template strand for amplification. This platform leverages the sensitivity and large dynamic range of Applied Biosystems TaqMan real-time PCR technology (Figure 1).

The assay workflow is fast and easy—2 steps in 2 hours. There are a total of 7 components in each kit (Figure 2). First, mix the antibody-conjugates, dilute the sample, and create the standard curve in a working plate. Then, using a multi-channel pipette, add the antibody-conjugates and sample (or standard) into the wells of a PCR plate and incubate for 1 hour. Combine the master mix and ligase and add to the wells of the PCR plate, then run the plate on any qPCR instrument. After the run is complete, import the results file into the ProQuantum software (cloud-based version at https://apps.thermofisher.com/apps/proquantum). Using this software, the data can be analyzed easily to obtain protein concentration values. The software allows you to set up standard curves, design plate layouts, apply a 5PL weighted algorithm, and obtain robust statistical group-wise comparisons..


  • High sensitivity—detect low levels of protein with greater sensitivity than traditional methods
  • Broad dynamic range—5 logarithmic units, minimizing sample dilutions to ensure they fall within the range
  • Small sample consumption—use 2–5 µL of sample (compared to 75 µL for triplicate wells with other methods)
  • Fast, easy workflow—2 hours from sample to answer, with no wash steps
  • No proprietary instrument to purchase—runs on any real-time PCR instrument
  • Homogenous (no wash): Yes
  • Shipping condition: Dry Ice
  • Storage: -20°C


  • Human c-Met Antibody-conjugate A, 15 μL
  • Human c-Met Antibody-conjugate B, 15 μL
  • Human c-Met Protein Standard, lyophilized, 2 vials
  • Master Mix, 5 mL
  • Ligase, 40 μL
  • Antibody-conjugate Dilution Buffer, 700 μL
  • Assay Dilution Buffer, 7.5 mL

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