LABOTECT™ CO₂ Incubator Labo C201

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CO₂ Incubator Labo C201 


As incubation technique is one of the key competence areas of Labotect, our CO2 incubators have the benefit of perfect control of parameters by most modern technical solution. They combine high safety standards with convenient design. Very fast recovery times for all adjustable parameters are basic features in all Labotect CO2 incubators. Your first choice for excellent cell cultivation!
Incubator with 200 liter chamber capacity



  • 7“ colour touch screen
  • UV decontamination (option)
  • Particle filter (P3) within airflow
  • Graphical display of recorded parameters of the past 2 h or 24 h (T, CO2, rH, O2)
  • Cable bushing (Access port)
  • Access control via numerical code (option)
  • RS485 or ethernet interface
  • Active sterile humidity: External water reservoir
  • Distilled water is vaporized at 120 °C
  • Minimized risk of contamination
  • Humidity sensor (rH)
  • Very fast recovery
  • CO2 sensor: Dual beam infrared sensor
  • Very precise measurement
  • Very fast recovery
  • Long-term stable
  • Direct heating: Independent six-sided direct heating
  • Homogeneous temperature distribution in incubation chamber
  • Very fast recovery
  • UV decontamination
  • O2 control
  • Subdivided inner glass door with 6 small doors
  • Access control via numerical code
  • PC software LaboDat+
  • Intelligent temperature control system avoids condensation in inner chamber
  • Easy handling
  • Alarm contact 
  • Stacking kit - for safe positioning
  • Access control - higher security for your cultures
  • UV decontamination
  • Roller base
  • Our Labo C201 incubators are available with O2-control (O2 < 21 %)

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