Thermo Scientific™ 96 Well Round (U) Bottom Plate, TC Surface

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Thermo Scientific™ 96 Well Round (U) Bottom Plate, TC Surface, Pack of 1


Thermo Scientific™ Nunc MicroWell Plates with Nunclon Delta Surface are ideal in a wide variety of applications, including cloning experiments and tissue culture-based analytical systems. Thermo Scientific Nunc Cell Culture products offer solutions for cell growth and analysis and have been used by researchers worldwide since 1953. With a wide range of surface areas and treatments, we have products for all your basic or advanced cell-based research.



  • Tight-fitting lids reduce evaporation
  • Stackable
  • Radiation sterilized
  • Condensation rings control evaporation and retain condensate
  • Keyed lids prevent accidental reversals
  • Dimensions: 86 × 128mm

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