Thermo Scientific™ Armadillo PCR Plate, 96-well, Red, Clear wells

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Thermo Scientific™ Armadillo PCR Plate, 96-well, Red, Clear wells


The Thermo Scientific Armadillo PCR plates are the ultimate in high performance PCR plastics. Combining the rigidity of a polycarbonate frame with thin-walled polypropylene wells, the Armadillo plate provides superior thermal cycling performance under all conditions without warping. These 96-well plates are clear with clear wells.



  • Optically clear skirt—aids in visualization of liquids and improves stacking capabilities in automated handling systems
  • Raised rim design—improved well surface area improves seal integrity in automated heat sealing
  • ANSI:SBS footprint—with rigidity of polycarbonate skirt, the ANSI footprint ensures complete compatibility with robotic systems for high-throughput applications
  • Thermostable polycarbonate frame design—warp-resistant thermal cycling and enhanced mechanical stability in robotic handling
  • Thin walled U-bottom wells—optimal heat transfer and maximum sample recovery
  • Indented Alphanumeric Grid reference lettering—integrated frame and well design for improved heat sealing
  • Low profile design—allows for maximum heat transfer and minimal evaporation when utilizing low volume samples (200 µL total volume)
  • Barcoding available—all plates are available already barcoded and can be provided barcoded to customer specifications for fully-automated applications

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