Veriti™ 96-Well Thermal Cycler

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The Applied Biosystems® Veriti® 96-Well Thermal Cycler delivers the proven reliability of Applied Biosystems® instruments. With the added control of VeriFlex™ technology, you have six independent temperature blocks that provide precise control over your PCR optimization. Additionally, the color touch screen simplifies setup and use of the Veriti® 96-Well Fast Thermal Cycler. Optional setups for fast or standard PCR methods provide with flexibility to shorten your PCR cycling times. The Veriti® 96-Well Thermal Cycler is equipped with a standard 0.2 mL block configuration.



  • Innovative VeriFlex™ Blocks allow for precise PCR optimization and enable you to run up to 6 independent assays.
  • Standard 0.2 mL block format is compatible with many downstream applications.
  • Standard and fast enabled cycling to address your current and future PCR needs.
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface (6.5 inch VGA Touch Screen).
  • Convenient protocol transfer from one Veriti® Thermal Cycler to another using USB.
  • Reduced PCR cycling time when using faster ramp rates.
  • Optional VeritiLink™ Remote Management Software provides you with peace of mind, allowing you to remotely manage more than 50 cyclers from your PC or internet-compatible phone.

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