VIASURE RNA-DNA Extraction Kit

Brand origin : Spain
Expiry time : On demand
Delivery time : 1 Week/s
Delivery cost : On demand
Unit size : 50 rxn per kit
Order number : VS-KE-06


VIASURE RNA-DNA Extraction Kit is designed for reliable and fast simultaneous isolation and purification of human genomic DNA, bacterial DNA, viral DNA and RNA from small volumes of different starting samples using the Mini Spin Column system. The purified nucleic acids are of high quality and can be used in a number of different downstream applications, such as PCR, Real Time PCR, genotyping, STR, SNP analysis and sequencing. This Kit simplifies isolation of nucleic acids from a variety of starting materials such as blood, cell-free body fluids, swabs and stool samples Kit.



  • Lysis buffer
  • Proteinase K
  • Carrier RNA
  • RNase Free Water
  • Binding Buffer
  • Wash Buffer I
  • Wash Buffer II
  • Elution Buffer
  • Mini Spin Column Set
  • RTA Collection Tubes
  • 1.5 ml Collection Tubes
  • 2.0 ml Collection Tubes
  • Instructions For Use

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