ZILOS-tk Laser

Brand origin : United States
Delivery time : 2 Week/s
Status : New
Warranty : 1 Year/s
Delivery cost : On demand
Installation cost : On demand
Order number : 740003




Integrated Laser and 40x Objective Combination

Compact, portable and unique! The ZILOS-tk laser is integrated into the objective. The ZILOS-tk laser-objective is attached directly to the turret of the inverted microscope, leaving both the fluorescent and filter cube ports open for normal use. The ZILOS-tk is compatible with all current and older models of inverted microscopes. This patent pending design is unique in that all components required are contained in the single module. This allows the laser to be aligned under strictly controlled factory conditions and locked in place, so that alignment on-site is not required.

The ZILOS-tk features a 300 mW, 1460 nm, Class 1 laser and a pulse length as low as 1 microsecond, which is far lower than typical zona ablation procedures require.


Installs on Any Inverted Microscope

Since the ZILOS-tk laser is based on the standard objective height, it easily installs on turrets of all models of inverted microscopes, even older models. Also, the unique design of the laser allows unrestricted access to other installed objectives. And you can switch the ZILOS-tk laser from one brand of microscope to another - without need of physical laser realignment or customization.


Hands-free Laser Firing

When working with micromanipulators, the ZILOS-tk allows you to work in "hands-free" mode by using the optional foot switch to fire the laser. Simply use the manipulators to position the embryo to the target and press the foot switch to fire the laser. Your micromanipulation proceeds rapidly and the time the embryo spends on the microscope stage is minimized.


Free Your Microscope Ports

The HT lasers leave both the fluorescent light port and the filter cube port open for normal use (OOsight® compatible). Other laser systems use one of these ports to install their laser, which can interfere with full microscope functionality. The HT lasers are the only laser systems which don't require removal of the laser to use fluorescence.


No Physical Laser Alignment by End-User is Needed

The ZILOS-tk and LYKOS lasers are physically aligned under strictly controlled conditions at the factory and locked in place, so you do not have to perform tedious alignment procedures on-site. Simply position the computer generated target to the laser spot and you are ready to go!


Simple Installation

Simply attach the laser-objective to the microscope turret and you are ready to go! Each laser comes with a variety of turret adapters to allow instalation on all major models of inverted microscopes.


Digital Color Camera - Seamless Video Transfer to Monitor!

The digital camera available with both the desktop and laptop laser system offers a seamless stream of video from camera to monitor:

  • No jerky motion or image delay.
  • No need to resize image window to reduce delay.
  • Video refresh rate not slowed down by graphic overlay.


Unmatched Portability

For a complete laser system, including full featured software and computer, the portability of the laser laptop configuration can't be beat. All laser components fit into a custom designed carry case, which offers both protection and easy transport. Combine this with a laptop unit and a small digital camera, and you can literally walk out the door with a "ZILOS-tk or LYKOS To Go!"


Choice of Computer

Based on your need for bench space and portability, the LYKOS or ZILOS-tk may be configured with either a desktop or laptop computer.


PATENTED Isotherm Rings™ - The Original Embryo Safeguard

Isotherm Rings™ (Patent Issued July 4, 2006) help the user prevent potential harmful effects on blastomeres adjacent to the zona due to heat from the laser drilling.

The Isotherm Rings™ appear on the screen as a series of six concentric circles of varying colors (left) and indicate the maximum temperature reached at the ring diameter at various laser pulse durations (right). At longer pulse duration, it is apparent that temperatures radiate farther into the center of the embryo, increasing the likelihood of blastomere damage. The orange ring (second from center) is also a useful indicator of the drill hole size at the selected pulse duration.

With this interactive Isotherm Rings™ feature, a user can now "see" the heating and drill hole size and eliminate the temperature "guesswork."


ٍSoftware Features

TheLYKOS and ZILOS-tk provide the highest level of flexibility, compatibility, and ease of use. Features include:

  • Real-time video recording
  • Auto-image capture on laser fire
  • Thumbnail image capture
  • Measure saved images
  • Measurements are displayed with value labels
  • 2x, 4x, 8x zoom and user-defined image panning
  • Calibrate and store multiple objectives
  • Option to save overlays with images
  • One-click save all images
  • Choose which levels of Isotherm Rings™ to display


Easy Targeting

Choose between a circle, arrow, or the unique Isotherm Rings as your target locator. The Isotherm Rings appear on the screen as a series of six concentric circles of varying colors, and indicate the drill hole size and the maximum temperature reached at the ring diameter. The Isotherm Rings automatically adjust for every power and pulse time combination. In addition, you may select which rings to view.



The Documentation option provides the ability to measure captured images using the built-in measurement tools. In addition, the software automatically calculates the mean and standard deviation. The measured and calculated values are transferred into the report at the touch of a button. You may also choose to create a report that can hold 2 images and measurement data, or 4 images with no measurement data. Images may also be saved with the overlay of measurements made. Data also may be saved into an ASCII format.


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