CellTram® 4r Air, manual pneumatic microinjector, with gears 1:1 and 1:10, for holding and injection

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CellTram® 4r Air, manual pneumatic microinjector, with gears 1:1 and 1:10, for holding and injection

The CellTram 4r Air and CellTram 4r Oil are manual microinjectors suitable for a broad range of life science applications. The CellTram 4r Air is a pneumatic injector for oil-free micromanipulation and gentle holding of cells in suspension. Due to its excellent performance, it is also highly suitable for uptake and injection of cells (e.g., of sperm or ES cells). For this application, its performance is comparable to that of oil-filled injectors. The CellTram 4r Oil is a hydraulic, oil-filled microinjector that provides more direct sample control and can generate higher pressures than an air system. It is optimized for leakage-free work and easy oil filling. Both models can be used with all common micromanipulation systems yet they develop their full potential with Eppendorf manipulators. The CellTram 4r Air/Oil injectors are for research use only.

Optimal protection for your cells: Minimizing mechanical trauma to your sample is critical for achieving optimal results. The new capillary holder 4 (slim shape) in combination with Eppendorf manipulators allows for injecting with straight capillaries at angles lower than 15°. This helps to achieve highest survival rates for your developing embryos.


  • Non-hydraulic system for oil-free manipulation and injection of cells (CellTram 4r Air)
  • Piston position scale enables setting of air volume and injection characteristics according to individual needs (CellTram 4r Air)
  • Improved oil-filling system for minimal interruption of the workflow (CellTram 4r Oil)
  • Coarse and fine drive for precise and intuitive sample control
  • Improved rotary knob design for better handling and easier cleaning
  • Capillary holder 4 with markings for easier positioning
  • New grip head 4 system for simple capillary change and higher user safety
  • Position indicators and marking for in/out to reduce risk of user errors
  • Stable, nonslip base plate
  • Highly reliable performance with minimal maintenance

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