TrakJector™ Microinjector, Manual

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TrakJector™ Microinjector

The TrakJector, newly developed micromanipulators from Hamilton Thorne, offers a unique, intuitive control system for fast and accurate ICSI and embryo biopsy procedures in the artificial reproduction laboratory.

Benefits of TrakJector

  • True one-handed operation using the AIOtrackball (All-in-One Trackball) in conjunction with the MIUmanOil (Manual Oil Injection Unit).
  • Easy to control both the injection holding pressure and the movement using the trackball and the two buttons.
  • The integrated, ergonomic GELpillow allows hands to stay relaxed during extended operating sessions.
  • An adjustable velocity setting permits balancing between operators and different magnifications.
  • Coarse adjustments are offered in all relevant directions.
  • The ability to disengage movement in the y-axis coupled with the superb accuracy allows an injection movement of proper parallelism.
  • The TrakJector microinjection holder provides a two-step adjustment for the injection and holding angles. Both coarse and fine adjustments are easily made using a rotating control.
  • The swing out mechanism permits easy access to the micropipettes. Combine this with the automatic HOME function for a fast and reliable way to exchange micropipettes and return them back to the original working position.


  • All pipettes are made of medical grade borosilicate glass.
  • To meet international standards as well as the requirements of the FDA, the pipettes are individually packed and sterilized by gamma-radiation.
  • The pipettes are manufactured in accordance with highest quality standards respecting the following parameters: length of the pipette, bending angle of the tip, inner and outer diameter of the tip, length of the tip, shape of the tip
  • By means of mouse-embryo-test (MEA) each lot is screened for endotoxins to assure the highest possible safety for use in A.R.T. procedures.
  • In addition to a lot number, each pipette has a unique serial number for highest level of traceability.

TrakJector is available in two injector versions:

Motorized: Our MIUmotOil allows exact and adjustable dosing of pressure during injection and offers a long-term bubble free workflow with easy refill oil reservoir. A hands off set up is key for a faster and more reliable operating environment.

Manual: If manual injection units are preferred, the MIUmanOil (Manual Oil Injection Unit) offers exceptional performance with an easy manual refill system. In the future, a MIUmanAir (Manual Air Injection Unit) will be available.


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