CellXpert® C170, inner door with 4 door segments, handle right side

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Brand origin : Germany
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CellXpert® C170, inner door with 4 door segments, handle right side, 220 – 240 V/50 – 60 Hz


CellXpert – a new family of Eppendorf CO2 incubators

CellXpert® C170i or C170 cell culture incubator – What is the best choice for your needs?

The C170 is the more economical, basic version of the C170i. If you need, e.g. more future flexibility, O2 control, copper interior, humidity monitoring, advanced documentation, user management, or if you have a requirement for 180 °C disinfection – the C170i is recommended.


  • Easy cleaning: Seamless chamber, easy disassembly in 40 s
  • Effective contamination protection: 140 °C High Temperature Disinfection (HTD), no internal fan-associated HEPA-filters necessary
  • Temperature uniformity: Innovative heating concept with multiple independent temperature sensors – verified at 27 spots inside the incubator according to German DIN 12880 norm
  • Fast recovery after door opening: Temperature and CO2 in less than 5 min – no regulation overshoot for sample safety
  • Enhanced vibration and turbulence protection: No fan inside
  • Save money: Up to 25 % more usable space by fanless design, no internal expendable parts (e.g. fan-associated HEPA-filters), significantly reduced gas consumption
  • Eppendorf Quality: Engineered and produced in Hamburg, Germany
  • You need more? If you need more options (e.g. O2 control, humidity monitoring, copper interior), 180 °C disinfection, or future flexibility – consider the CellXpert® C170i


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