Invitrogen™ Cholera Toxin Subunit B (Recombinant), Biotin-XX Conjugate

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Invitrogen™ Cholera Toxin Subunit B (Recombinant), Biotin-XX Conjugate


Molecular Probes™ cholera toxin conjugates are made from a recombinant version of the B subunit only. This allows us to provide a very high-purity product that is completely free of the toxic A subunit. Cholera toxin B subunit (CT-B) attaches to cells by binding to ganglioside GM1, making it a powerful tool for retrograde labeling of neurons. This tracer has been used in a variety of applications, including tracing of rat forebrain afferents, projections of the parabrachial region, and neurons of the urinary bladder wall. When used in neuronal tracing applications, CT-B is typically introduced by pressure injection or by iontophoretic injection into neural tissue.



  • Label (Ex/Em): Biotin-XX
  • At neutral pH, the 11.4 kDa B subunit exists as a 57 kDa pentamer
  • Lyophilized product can be dissolved in buffer (e.g., PBS) for use

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