Invitrogen™ TrueCut™ HiFi Cas9 Protein (1 µg/µL), 10 µg

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Invitrogen™ TrueCut™ HiFi Cas9 Protein (1 µg/µL), 10 µg


Invitrogen TrueCut HiFi Cas9 Protein is a high fidelity CRISPR Cas9 protein variant engineered to demonstrate superior off-target profiles, while preserving maximum on-target editing efficiency. TrueCut HiFi Cas9 Protein is ideal for applications that are sensitive to off-target events and when more precise editing is required.



  • Near complete elimination of off-target events in all tested cell lines including standard, immune, primary, and stem
  • Maintains maximum on-target editing efficiency compared to TrueCut Cas9 Protein v2
  • High quality—manufactured under strict ISO 13485 quality standards
  • Transfection-ready, using either electroporation or lipid-mediated transfection reagents
  • Eliminates time-consuming cloning steps
    • Available in 2 concentrations:
        --1 μg/μL for use in standard editing scenarios
        --5 μg/μL for optimization of editing conditions in more difficult scenarios such as in primary or embryonic cells, microinjection, or when screening multiple gRNA sequences at a time
  • Traceability documentation—COA, COO, Drug Master Files, and Regulatory Support Files are available

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