Labotect™ CO₂ Incubator C16 ,With O₂ Control

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Labotect™ CO₂ Incubator C16 ,With O₂ Control


As incubation technique is one of the key competence areas of Labotect, our CO2 incubators have the benefit of perfect control of parameters by most modern technical solution. They combine high safety standards with convenient design. Very fast recovery times for all adjustable parameters are basic features in all Labotect CO2 incubators. Your first choice for excellent cell cultivation! 



  • Approved medical device
  • CO₂ sensor:Dual beam infrared sensor
  • Very precise measurement
  • Very short recovery times
  • Long-term stable
  • Direct Heating:
  • Independent over-all heating of inner walls and door
  • Homogeneous temperature distribution in the interior
  • Very short recovery times
  • Very compact and space saving construction
  • Interior : Electro-polished stainless steel with coved corners shelves and ductwork easily removable for cleaning purposes
  • Temperature : Panel heated interior chamber and door
  • Humidity supply : Internal water reservoir
  • Co2 dual beam infrared sensor measurements independent from temperature and humidity
  • Very short recovery times For all adjustable parameters through optimized microprocessor control
  • Easy Handling
  • O₂ control: connection for N₂
  • C16 is available with O2 control as option (O2 < 21 %)

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