MGIEasy PCR-Free DNA Library Prep Set(96 RXN)

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MGIEasy PCR-Free DNA Library Prep Set(96 RXN)

MGIEasy PCR-Free Library Prep Set is specifically designed for making WGS libraries for MGI High-throughput Sequencing Platforms. This library prep set is optimized to convert 80-200 ng size selected fragmented DNA into a customized library. MGI WGS PCR-free library preparation, combined with MGI DNBSEQTM sequencer, is the true PCR-free NGS workflow without PCR amplification, resulting in no error accumulation and higher data accuracy.


  • Compatible with Multiple Species Types, Compatible with human, animals, plants, bacteria, fungi etc., e.g. human (blood, saliva, fresh tissue), mice, rice, E.coli and metagenomics. 
  • Fast, Simple and Automated Workflow, Library preparation can be completed in 3.5 hours with size-selected DNA as input; the workflow is simple and suitable for automated library preparation without the risk of amplicon contamination. 
  • No Amplification Error Accumulation, By eliminating PCR amplification steps, WGS PCR-free prepared and sequenced by MGI DNBSEQTM platform has no amplification error accumulation, resulting in better genome fidelity
  • Higher Coverage Uniformity, Compared with traditional WGS (PCR amplification), WGS PCR-free reduces GC bias and improves coverage uniformity across the genome, such as GC-rich region, promoter and repetitive region. 
  • Excellent Performance of Variant Detection, Compared with traditional WGS (PCR amplification), PCR-free WGS shows higher sensitivity and accuracy of variant detection, especially indels. 


  • Core library, MGIEasy PCR-Free DNA Library Prep Kit: 1000013457
  • Adapter, MGIEasy PF Adapters-96(plate) Kit: 1000013461
  • Beads, MGIEasy DNA Clean Beads: 1000005279

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