NARISHIGE micromanipulator ON4

Brand origin : Japan
Delivery time : 3 Week/s
Status : New
Warranty : 1 Year/s
Delivery cost : On demand
Installation cost : On demand
Order number : 44522009
($) On demand

High Magnification / Fine Micromanipulator


(Three-axis Hanging Joystick Oil Hydraulic Micromanipulator)

The MMO-4 micromanipulator features an oil hydraulic joystick enabling smooth three-dimensional movement with a single lever. Conversion from right to left-hand use is no longer necessary. Improved Joystick which is the key of control, greatly reduces the risk of unwanted movement from the oil pressure. Hanging joystick enables users to manipulate comfortably with the arms and hands placed on the table. Operation is therefore done in a natural posture, and can be maintained for longer periods. Improved universal joint (UT-10) included, enables stable and accurate attachment of a pipette.


High Magnification / Coarse Manipulator

(Coarse Manipulator)

This manual coarse manipulator is used in combination with a hydraulic micromanipulator to transfer the pipette into the microscope field of view. Since its operation is manual, this model offers excellent response at affordable price. Compared with the MMN-1, setup and installation are straightforward. Rotating mechanism is included for easy specimen or pipette exchange.


Low Magnification / Mechanical Micromanipulator

(Three-dimensional coarse manual manipulator with simple design)

This compact, lightweight model offers coarse manipulation only and is very simple to use. A bar mount is provided to enable installation by either a mounting adaptor or magnetic stand. When used in conjunction with a micromanipulator such as the MMO-220C, quick three-dimensional operation is possible in low magnification experiments using a stereo microscope.


Universal Joint with Angle Gauge

(Fixing the injection holder more firmly)

This instrument connects the drive unit of a three-axis hydraulic micromanipulator to a pipette holder and/or an injection holder. With the addition of an angle gauge, it allows the bent tip of a pipette to be easily set in a horizontal position. The UT-10 is equipped with swing and tilt adjustment mechanisms that enable fine angle adjustments in the fore-and-aft as well as up-and-down directions. It can be adjust setting angle accurately because it has angle gauge with 5 degree. It is improved stability at angle adjustment more than previous UT-2.



(Incorporating a new mechanism to improve operability)

A new mechanism is incorporated which improves the parallelism of the plunger within the syringe and prevents the development of any play. Reducing fluctuations of the handle tension, which have many possible causes, makes control much smoother. The new mechanism and drive sections are built into the handle, while the handle itself is made larger: however, the overall design is smaller, and operability is improved, with a higher driving volume facilitating a greater control volume. The microinjector uses a glass luer-lock syringe. The specification of this model allows precise control of both injection and aspiration: we recommend its use on the injection side after it has been filled with oil.



  • MMO-4 Three-axis Hanging Joystick (2)
  • MM-94 Motor-drive Manipulator (1)
  • MM-94B Motor-drive Manipulator  (1)
  • IM-11-2 Pneumatic Microinjector  (1)
  • Adapter for Microscope  (1)

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