Sarstedt™ Cell Culture Plate, 48 Well, Suspension, Flat Base, Green

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Cell Culture Plate, 48 Well, Suspension, Flat Base, Green


Cell culture plate, 48 well, material: PS, surface: Suspension, coding colour: green, flat base, TC Tested, 1 piece(s)/blister



  • For better traceability, even after removal from the packaging, each plate is labelled using the colour code as well as the lot no and expiration date.
  • In order to ensure quick identification when filling the wells, the wells are alphanumerically labelled on the edge the areas between the wells and in
  • Free-standing wells reduce the risk of contamination when using a pipette.
  • Non-slip side grids in the base make it easier to securely grab the entire plate. The transparent side walls of the base enable
  • visual inspection of the medium.
  • Both air vents and condensation rings are integrated into the lid, and these combine to ensure constant gas exchange and simultaneously minimise evaporation.
  • All tissue culture plates are available with three different growth surfaces

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