Thermo Scientific™ DSG (disuccinimidyl glutarate), 50 mg

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Thermo Scientific™ DSG (disuccinimidyl glutarate), 50 mg

Thermo Scientific Pierce DSG is a water-insoluble, homo-bifunctional N-hydroxysuccinimide ester (NHS-ester) crosslinker often used for conjugating radiolabeled ligands to cell-surface receptors. The NHS ester is the simplest and most commonly used reactive group for crosslinking and labeling proteins and peptides. NHS esters react with primary amines on the N-termini of peptides and the  amine of lysine residues, forming a stable, covalent amide bond and releasing the NHS group.

Thermo Scientific No-Weigh products are specialty reagents provided in a pre-aliquoted format. The pre-weighed packaging prevents the loss of reagent reactivity and contamination over time by eliminating the repetitive opening and closing of the vial. The format enables use of a fresh vial of reagent each time, eliminating the hassle of weighing small amounts of reagents and reducing concerns over reagent stability.


  • Reactive groups: NHS ester (both ends)
  • Reactive towards: amino groups (primary amines)
  • Non-cleavable
  • Water-insoluble (dissolve first in DMF or DMSO)
  • Membrane-permeable, allowing for intracellular crosslinking
  • Can increase crosslinking efficiency compared to DSS in some applications


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