Invitrogen™ DSB-X™ Biotin Protein Labeling Kit

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Invitrogen™ DSB-X™ Biotin Protein Labeling Kit

Molecular Probes® Protein Labeling Kits provide a convenient means for attaching a fluorescent label (or biotin) to an antibody (or a protein larger than 40 kDa). Conjugates are ideal for multiple applications, including flow cytometry, fluorescent microscopy, immunohistochemistry, primary detection, ELISAs, immunocytochemistry, FISH, and more. Kits are available in 12 Alexa Fluor® dye colors, biotin, the hapten Oregon Green® 488, fluorescein EX, and Texas Red™ dye. Each kit provides the components needed to perform three protein conjugations and purifications.


  • Labeled proteins typically ready to use in 2 hr (∼30 min hands-on time)
  • Designed to label 1 mg of IgG
  • Simple protocol—react, separate, use
  • Stabilizing proteins must be removed from the sample before labeling


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