Thermo Scientific™ DyLight™ 550 Maleimide

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Thermo Scientific™ DyLight™ 550 Maleimide

Thermo Scientific DyLight 550 Sulfhydryl-Reactive Dye is a maleimide-activated derivative of high-performance DyLight 550 used to fluorescently label sulfhydryl-containing peptides, proteins and other biomolecular probes.

DyLight 550 provides vibrant orange-to-red fluorescence with better performance than other rhodamine derivatives including Alexa Fluor™ 555, TRITC and Cy3™ dye for fluorescent applications over a broad pH range (pH 4-9). The high water solubility of DyLight Fluors means that a high dye-to-protein ratio can be attained without causing precipitation of the conjugates.


  • High performance—DyLight 550 shows brighter fluorescence than Alexa Fluor 555, TRITC and Cy3 dye
  • Specific—maleimide-activated dye labels proteins and other molecules at reduced sulfhydryls (-SH)
  • Efficient labeling methods—well-characterized chemistry and optimized protocols provide for reliable, high-quality labeling
  • Optimized antibody labeling procedure—complete protocol for IgG reduction and labeling and calculating the labeling efficiency


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