Thermo Scientific™ Jump In™ T-REx™ HEK 293 Kit

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Thermo Scientific™ Jump In™ T-REx™ HEK 293 Kit

The Jump-In™ T-REx™ HEK293 Kit allows the targeted integration of genetic material into a specific pre-engineered R4 site in the Jump-In™ HEK293 cell line, to create an inducible isogenic stable cell line with less effort and in less time than traditional cell engineering methods. These cells stably express the tetracycline repressor protein, allowing for inducible expression of your retargeted gene of interest upon addition of doxycycline.

The high retargeting efficiency, made possible by the R4 sites in the HEK293 cell line, allows for the use of isogenic pools for additional experiments without the need for clonal selection. Alternatively, the high retargeting efficiency allows for the easy selection of a positive stable clone expressing your gene of interest.


  • Quickly and efficiently develop stably engineered isogenic cell pools in about half the time compared to traditional cell engineering methods
  • Inducibly express your gene of interest using doxycycline
  • Utilize isogenic expression from a defined genomic locus as the ideal solution for comparative analysis of gene families, isoforms, or orthologs
  • Generate multiple cell lines in parallel using the simplified work flow
  • Easily access the technology without complicated licenses or restrictions to interpret


  • Jump-In™ T-REx™ HEK293 Cells (2 vials @ 1 ml each)
  • pJTI™ R4 DEST CMV TO pA vector (100 µg)
  • pJTI™ R4 Int vector (100 µg)

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