Invitrogen™ pcDNA™6.2/V5-PL-DEST Mammalian Expression Vector

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Invitrogen™ pcDNA™6.2/V5-PL-DEST Mammalian Expression Vector


The pcDNA™ vectors are designed for high-level, constitutive expression in a variety of mammalian cell lines.
Gateway® Cloning
To fit all of your expression needs, Invitrogen offers state-of-the-art Gateway® destination vectors for expression in E. coli, insect, yeast, or mammalian cells, as well as for production of native protein or N- or C-terminal fusion proteins. All Gateway® destination vectors have attR sites for recombination with any attL-flanked fragment, regardless of whether it is an entry clone or an Ultimate™ ORF Clone. The following table lists a variety of available destination vectors.


  • Promoterless version of the pcDNA™6.2⁄V5-DEST vector: 12489027
  • attR sites for Gateway® cloning
  • Compatible with MultiSite Gateway® Pro kits: 12537100
  • C-terminal V5 tag for easy detection
  • Blasticidin resistance gene for efficient stable selection
  • Ampicillin resistance gene and pUC origin for selection and maintenance in E. coli


  • All destination vectors are provided lyophilized and supercoiled.

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