Thermo Scientific™ aminoxyTMTsixplex™ Label Reagent Set, 5 x 0.2 mg

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Thermo Scientific™ aminoxyTMTsixplex™ Label Reagent Set, 5 x 0.2 mg

The carbonyl-reactive Thermo Scientific™ aminoxyTMT™ (Tandem Mass Tag™) Label Reagents enable multiplexed characterization and quantitation of carbonyl-containing biomolecules (carbohydrates, steroids, oxidized proteins) by mass spectrometry (MS).

The aminoxyTMTsixplex Label Reagents share an identical structure with aminoxyTMTzero Reagent but contain different numbers of 13C and 15N isotopes in the mass reporter. The optimized labeling procedure can be completed in one hour. After tag labeling, samples are quenched and cleaned-up using HILIC solid-phase extraction before mass spectrometry analysis.

The six additional compounds of the aminoxyTMTsixplex™ Reagent Set have the same mass (i.e., isobaric) and chemical structure (carbonyl-reactive aminoxy group, spacer arm, and mass reporter). However, the specific distribution of 13C and 15N isotopes on either side of the HCD or ETD MS/MS fragmentation site in each reagent results in a unique reporter mass (126-131Da) in the low mass region. This set of reporter ions is used to measure the relative abundance of labeled molecules in a combined (multiplexed) MS sample representing six different treatment conditions. For glycobiology MS applications, the reagents enable quantitative profiling of glycan isoforms and discovery of glycan biomarkers; they provide improved ionization of labeled glycans for increased sensitivity and better retention of labeled glycans by reversed-phase liquid chromatography (RPLC).The aminoxyTMT reagents may be used to quantify a broad range of biologically important molecules including carbohydrates, steroids, or oxidized proteins.

For use with: Mass Spectrometer


  • Quantitative – enables relative quantitation of glycans or other carbonyl-containing biomolecules from multiple samples derived from cells, tissues or biological fluids
  • Stable – oxime bond and products formed by labeling reaction are stable and don't require an additional reduction step
  • Efficient – achieve labeling efficiency greater than 90% in one hour
  • Sensitive – 20-fold increase in signal-to-noise compared to unlabeled native glycan MS analysis
  • Multiplex – able to identify and characterize up to six samples concurrently
  • Optimized – procedure and reagents optimized for excellent labeling efficiency and recovery of glycans


  • aminoxyTMT6-126 Label Reagent, 5 x 0.2 mg
  • aminoxyTMT6-127 Label Reagent, 5 x 0.2 mg
  • aminoxyTMT6-128 Label Reagent, 5 x 0.2 mg
  • aminoxyTMT6-129 Label Reagent, 5 x 0.2 mg
  • aminoxyTMT6-130 Label Reagent, 5 x 0.2 mg
  • aminoxyTMT6-131 Label Reagent, 5 x 0.2 mg


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