Invitrogen™ pEXP4-DEST Vector Kit

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Invitrogen™ pEXP4-DEST Vector Kit

Expressway™ Tag-On-Demand™ Cell-Free E. coliExpression System with Lumio™ Technology enables convenient, in vitro expression of tagged or untagged protein from a single vector, real-time detection of protein synthesis, and easy in-gel protein detection.

The Expressway™ Tag-On-Demand™ System includes a specialized E. colilysate derived from a slyD mutant for cell-free synthesis. This lysate eliminates non-specific binding of the Lumio™ Green Detection Reagent to the endogenous SlyD protein, providing an optimal background for recombinant protein detection.


  • Quickly screen for expression levels of full-length protein
  • Save time and effort by cloning only once to express tagged or native protein
  • Express a C-terminally tagged protein from an Ultimate™ ORF Clone in an in vitro system


  • pEXP4-DEST: 6 μg 
  • Lumio™ Green Detection Reagent: 20 μL
  • Lumio™ Gel Sample Buffer (4X): 5 × 200 μL
  • Lumio™ In-Gel Detection Enhancer: 200 μL

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