Invitrogen™ Lumio™ Green In-Cell Detection Kit

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Invitrogen™ Lumio™ Green In-Cell Detection Kit


Lumio™ Technology is designed for simple fluorescent detection of recombinant protein. The Lumio™ tag is a small (six amino acid) sequence that binds a fluorescent substrate, allowing you to visually detect protein localization in mammalian cells
Use Mammalian Lumio™ Gateway® vectors for reliable and consistent protein expression, detection, and localization in mammalian cells. Vectors are available for generating protein with an N- and C-terminal Lumio™ fusion tag. In addition, each Mammalian Lumio™ Gateway® Kit includes a Lumio™ Green, Red, or Dual In-Cell Detection Kit. The Dual In-Cell Detection Kit is ideal for doing two color "pulse-chase" experiments to examine protein localization over time.


  • Lumio™ tag for accurate in vitro and in vivo protein detection
  • CMV promoter for high-level constitutive expression
  • tR sites for efficient recombination with Gateway® entry clones
  • Blasticidin resistance gene for fast, efficient selection
  • For Use With (Equipment): Fluorescence Microscope, Electron Microscope


  • The Lumio In-Cell Detection kits include 40 µL of Lumio Green or Red fluorescent reagent as a 2 mM stock solution in DMSO.

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