Thermo Scientific™ DSSO (disuccinimidyl sulfoxide), 10 x 1 mg

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Thermo Scientific™ DSSO (disuccinimidyl sulfoxide), 10 x 1 mg

DSSO (disuccinimidyl sulfoxide) is an MS-cleavable and membrane-permeable crosslinker that contains an amine-reactive N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) ester at each end of a 7-carbon spacer arm. It facilitates analysis of protein structure and complex interactions using mass spectrometry. DSSO has similar reactivity to DSS and BS3, but contains a linker that can be cleaved in the gas phase during tandem MS (MS/MS) using collision-induced dissociation (CID). The ability to cleave cross-linked peptides during MS/MS enables MS3 acquisition methods, which facilitate peptide sequencing using traditional database search engines. The MS cleavage of DSSO also generates diagnostic ion doublets during MS2, which enables identification of cross-linked peptides from dead-end modifications and searching using novel database search engines such as XlinkX.


  • Reactive groups: NHS ester (both ends)
  • Reactive towards: amino groups (primary amines)
  • Amine-reactive NHS ester reacts rapidly with any primary amine-containing molecule
  • Membrane permeable, allowing for intracellular crosslinking
  • High-purity, crystalline reagent can be used to create high-purity conjugates
  • MS-cleavable
  • Water-insoluble (dissolve first in DMF or DMSO)


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