BCR-ABL P210 (detection MRD), (PCR)

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Nested PCR for high sensitive BCR-ABL P210 detection 


Main indication:

CML (detection-MRD).


Test usage:

This test can detect and quantify both the p210 (b2a2, b3a2) and p190 (e1a2) transcripts by reverse transcription real-time PCR (RT-qPCR) for diagnosis and monitoring of CML and ALL. The type of transcript will be reported (p210 or p190). Results for the p210 transcript are reported on the International Scale (IS) and with Molecular Reduction (MR) value. Result for the p190 transcript are reported as a ratio of %BCR/ABL1:ABL1. The limit of quantification for p210 is 0.002%IS (MR4.7) and p190 is 0.0025%. Please note that both tests (p210 and p190) will be performed until a transcript is detected. Subsequent testing on the same patient will be limited to the transcript previously identified.




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