Invitrogen™ pOG44 Flp-Recombinase Expression Vector

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Invitrogen™ pOG44 Flp-Recombinase Expression Vector


In addition to the original pcDNA™5/FRT vector, four more Flp-In™ expression vectors-pcDNA5/FRT/V5-His-TOPO®, pSecTag/FRT/V5-His-TOPO®, pEF5/FRT/V5-DEST™, and pEF5/FRT/V5-D-TOPO® (Figure 1)-are available for cloning and expressing in the Flp-In™ System. These vectors offer a variety of cloning options and different promoter types. 

All vectors feature either the high-level CMV or EF-1α promoter. In addition pSecTag/FRT/V5-His-TOPO® contains the Igκ leader sequence for secretion of recombinant protein.



  • Flp Recombinase Target (FRT) site for efficient integration into Flp-In™ Cell Lines
  • Hygromycin resistance gene for convenient selection of integrants
  • C-terminal V5 tag for easy detection of fusion proteins with the Anti-V5 Antibody
  • 6xHis tag (pcDNA5/FRT/V5-His-TOPO® and pSecTag/FRT/V5-His-TOPO® vectors only) for rapid purification of fusion proteins on nickel-chelating resin



  • The pcDNA™5/FRT/V5-His TOPO™ TA Expression Kit
  • pSecTag/FRT/V5-His TOPO™ TA Expression Kit 
  • pEF5/FRT/V5 Directional TOPO™ Expression Kit contain two boxes. 

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