Invitrogen™ Champion™ pET SUMO Expression System

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Invitrogen™ Champion™ pET SUMO Expression System


The Champion™ pET SUMO Expression System produces the highest levels of soluble protein in E. coli. It utilizes a small ubiquitin-related modifier (SUMO) fusion, belonging to the growing family of ubiquitin-related proteins, to enhance the solubility of expressed fusion proteins. In contrast to ubiquitin, SUMO is involved in the stabilization and localization of proteins in vivo. After expression, the 11 kd SUMO moiety can be cleaved by the highly specific and active SUMO (ULP-1) protease at the carboxyl terminal, producing a native protein.


  • Greatly enhanced solubility with an N-terminal SUMO fusionHighly efficient cleavage- produces native protein of interest with SUMO (ULP-1) protease*Highly specific
  • cleavage- eliminates the chance of your protein of interest being internally digested, regardless of its amino acid sequenceSignificantly increased stability with SUMO
  • fusion-can be used for small peptide productionT7lac promoter for high-level protein expressionN-terminal 6xHis tag for protein detection and purification



  • pET SUMO vector,  linearized: 5 x 10 μL
  • 10X PCR Buffer: 100 μL
  • dNTP Mix: 10 μL
  • 10X Ligation Buffer : 100 μL
  • T4 DNA Ligase: 25 μL
  • Sterile Water: 1 mL
  • SUMO Forward Sequencing Primer: 10 μL
  • T7 Reverse Sequencing Primer:  20 μL
  • Control PCR Primers: 10 μL
  • Control PCR Template: 10 μL
  • pET SUMO/CAT: 10 μL
  • SUMO Forward: 141 pMoles
  • T7 Reverse: 325 pMoles

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